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About Us

The OM Experience in comprised of Wife and Husband Olivia and Matthew Hughes.  Not to be confused with the Aum, or Om (written with the generic Devanagari symbol ॐ) which is a sacred, spiritual symbol, mantra and mystical Sanskrit sound.,  The "O" for Olivia and "M" for Matthew is simple abbreviation for the Olivia and Matthew Experience.  This "Experience" that we aim to leave our community with is one of self awareness and positive feeling. 

Olivia is a Mother, Reiki Master, Yoga Ambassador, International Traveler and Community Leader who focuses on bringing people together through her positive messages and heart warming sessions.  Born in the Bay Area, her presence is that of nature, nurture and truth.  She has helped numerous individuals, couples and families all over the world tap into their inner potential, self awareness and self forgiveness.  Holding Degrees from San Diego State and a Master from The University of Santa Monica in Spiritual Psychology, Olivia has dedicated timeless hours to her craft.  With her many accomplishments she is still one that stays humble and honest to her self. 

Matthew was born in Los Angeles, in the shadows of Hollywood.  Always living for the positive, Matthew has seen some of the best and worst that humanity has to offer.  With many international travels and an appetite for creativity, he has always found joy in the sharing of cultures, thoughts and Ideas.  A Degree in Philosophy from San Diego State and over 2o years in the music industry has brought Matthew to an understanding that we all start from various points.  Offering Tracks, Albums, and Podcasts on Spotify, Matthew enjoys sharing his voice through community and entertainment.

Despite both Olivia and Matthew attending San Diego State, it was not until 2013 when they crossed paths.  As Matthew attended Olivia's yoga class, they had an instant understanding and chemistry for each other.  As Matthew continued to attend Olivias classes in Uptown San Diego, the two found themselves in longer and more profound conversations.  On New years 2014 the two officially started dating and have grown closer each step of the way.  Now parents to a beautiful child, they continue their goal of sharing joy, creating community and exercising mental and physical health. 

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