Reiki is a Japanese form of energetic healing.


Using this technique can help you balance your entire being (mind, body, and spirit), remove blocks in your energy systems, which in turn can create inner and outer alignment within the physical and emotional bodies.


Reiki has been one of the most healing and empowering modalities to apply to myself. To be able to shift and channel my energy, breath, and body into a more peaceful place on my own has been life changing. This is where the desire to share this modality comes from. I truly believe are your greatest healer, teacher, friend, and guide. Reiki helps one to trust themselves more deeply. This powerful shift within can create a more confident and balanced relationship with ourselves, allowing us to take risks and live a life with passion and purpose. 




The First Degree of Reiki provides an understanding of its history, the spiritual principles, the body’s main energy centers, and how to work with life force energy.

Meditation and breathing techniques are key aspects of this degree. Once you obtain the First Degree of Reiki, you will have the tools to achieve a centered and balanced life. Other teachings include; hand positions for self-healing and energy awareness. In this training you will experience a combination of lecture, discussion and experience.


In closing you will be receive:


First Degree Reiki Attunements from Olivia Hughes, Reiki Master Teacher. Once you are certified you are allowed to apply Reiki to yourself, plants, animals, and food. 


Second degree Reiki is where you will learn the symbols and mantras to apply healing to others. Between the two trainings there is a 21 day chakra cleanse that you will be going through. Everyone responds differently but this is usually a period of integration which can feel sensitive. Its suggested to take excellent are of yourself during this time. Lots of rest, fresh air, whole foods, journaling, and tuning into what you need in the moment will serve you best!


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